The Importance Of Light In Photos For Poster Printing

There is more to poster printing that meets the common eye than sizes and design. Light or brightness also have an effect on your print. Never forget that posters have various forms and attributes and this can have an effect on your printing service. However, in this article, we will discuss how light can be used in enhancing a poster print.

Lighting is the most important factor in creating a successful poster. Lighting determines not only the clear and dark side, but it also involves the toning, mood, and atmosphere of the print. It is necessary to control and manipulate light correctly in order to get the best texture, vibrancy, and luminosity of the poster design and this can be acquired by getting the settings of the opacity and brightness of the design.

Opacity And Brightness

As light is importance in poster printing, so is opacity and brightness. Opacity defines the amount of reflection and absorption of light as it passes from air to fiber through the poster. However, brightness describes how sensible the poster design might appear.

Impact Of Opacity And Brightness On Poster Design And Print


By understanding the characteristics of poster printing and its composition, you'll need to pay a lot of attention to factors that influence the posterís opacity. Conjointly take into notation the coating of the substrate that affects the interior lightweight scatter properties, and thereby influences the opacity of the poster Design.

A high opacity poster design is appropriate for a bright printing because it makes the poster print readable from afar. It is advisable to invest in a bright and clear poster with a high level of opacity in other to bring out the clear picture of the design and also advertise the designer work to the audience.


As light reflects off the poster print, clear inks absorb a number of the light, thereby subtracting some wavelengths while reflecting others. This produces the perception of color. The brightness of the substrate affects how those wavelengths are reflected in the poster prints. Therefore brightness influences the purity of color that we tend to understand. Basically, brightness has a greater effect on the print contrast of the poster design.

Generally speaking, bright poster designs are great for advertising and commercial purposes because it will command the readers' attention and also make the prints pop out.

In essence, the selection of the level of brightness as well as level of opacity relies on the end use application. Once consumers or designers are in needs of print, they tend to crave for a printer that produces a high-level quality but in turn, the printers depend on the consumable and raw material concerned within the method to supply a quality product and this depends on the brightness and opacity of the poster design.

In summary, lighting can be and can make a great difference between a breath-taking poster printing and a poor poster printing. So mastering the use of light to the advantage of your poster design will bring out a better result and make your poster printing distinct from others.