The essentials of poster printing

Are you thinking of doing or making a poster for a specific purpose? Be it for a campaign, party or just like a design to beautify your home, here are some of the essential things to note before emerging on printing. And by following the tips below you will be confident to design and print any form of custom posters.

Knowing How To Master Color Theory

Most designers don't know about the color. There are two different types of the color mode that is the RGB (red, green and blue) and the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key black). Out of these two color modes, the right one for printing posters is the RGB. Most designers design on the CMYK mode and now find it difficult converting back to RGB. Converting back to the RGB color mode in Photoshop is as simple as clicking the image>mode> RGB color. And after this has been done you will observe the lifeless and dullness of the green and blue color. So you have to master the color theory in order to get the colors that appear bright after printing.

Knowing How To Set The Right Resolution

When you don't have the right resolution for your print, then the print guy will have to send you back home. This is one of the most objects of delay in poster printing, the printer rejects a low-resolution image. Before starting a print you must make sure that the file you are about to print is at least 300DPI (dots per inch) or even more than that. Never forget that a low-resolution image can end up a blurry or pixelated poster. So right before the poster design ensure to set the resolution into high resolution.

Knowing The Right Size For Poster Printing

The next thing to know is the right size for poster printing. Although there are some popular poster printing size which are 11x14 inches, 16x20 inches or 24x36 inches, before designing you should have decided on a specific paper size you are using and never forget the paper choice and weight can be set in your printer but 170gsm (grams per square meter) silk or 150gsm are the right choice to choose.

In summary, before emerging to print a custom poster then you must be familiar with your colors, you must have set your resolution to a high and standard form, set the poster paper size and know the type of printing you are doing. Then emerge on the design and laugh after the production.