Designing A Perfect Poster For Printing

Designing a poster starts with a typical canvas and common poster sizes like 8 by 12 inches, 11 by 14 inches or 16 by 20 inches. Large format poster sizes usually above 24 inches by 36 inches. Posters can either be designed vertically or horizontally (portrait or landscape) but they are commonly designed on a vertical orientation.

However, in this article, we are taking a look at ways and strategy in which will help in improving your next design of a custom poster into an amazing an excellent look.


When designing a perfect poster, the first thing to do is to decide on the simplicity and exposure from a distance. The top priority of an advertisement is mostly to reveal somebody to an occasion and ensure that key information is simple and bold in order to be read from a distance. There are three main parts in the poster that needs to be more exposed are the Headline, Details and the fine print. Once these three parts are covered, then you are good to go and you will have an amazing poster ready to print.


Another thing to note is the contrast. One glance is enough to catch the attention of the reader, and that can only be possible through a high contrast. Don't limit yourself to a monotone color palette, go daring and bold with color and other choices. Poster design is an opportunity to undertake and use different typefaces or color palettes, why not think about a bigger color background and experiment with different color palette available for you and do not be limited to a white canvas use a high color background to distinct your poster from others.


Although poster design is primarily a printing project, why not produce mini versions which can be used in different places in addition? Never forget one of the basic principles of marketing is that an individual desires exposure to one thing twenty times to recollect it. The multiple poster versions will help in accomplishing the task. Create a duplicate of the poster design which can be shared on the social media and print out a mini version which can be shared on hand.

Image Usage

It is either you choose a photograph, illustration or text but do not forget that a dominant image is essential and a bit like the text, it needs to be clear from a distance. When planning to design and print a bright poster the main thing is to be careful on the usage of a picture. In order to get a bright poster print out, the pictures or images to use must have enough contrast so that the poster print will be distinctly readable and clear.


Never forget that poster design is an opportunity to go creative with lovely typography. Most of the best poster designs out there are made with type and color excluding images or illustrations.

All that required is creativity, keeping the principles of typography in mind. Not to use 10 different font on a design but you can experiment with Bolder, wider, Bigger, Italic typefaces till you are satisfied and this will enhance your printing.

In summary, poster design is an opportunity for designers to have fun and flex design muscles. Once you understand the basic concepts and principles, you are good to go. Never forget that in designing an amazing poster ready for print you need to stretch your thinking and imagination level.